Pangea - For a World without Wars: Interview with Vladimir Kozin


In this special Pangea's Grandangolo episode Jean Marazzani Visconti interviews Vladimir Kozin, a Russian expert of the Political-Military Studies Center. The interview was done for the TV channel Byoblu, that aired on 15/11/2022, in the Russia Today (RT) headquarters in Moscow, of which we published an extract in episode 71 of Grandangolo.

Vladimir Kozin denounces the fact that the United States, after tearing the INF Treaty, are deploying in Europe close to Russia nuclear missiles with an intermediate radius, in addition to the new B61-12 nuclear bombs. Regarding these, he declares: “The B61-12 are already sent to Europe, contrary to what was announced by politician who will arrive in December. We have information that they have already arrived, because a specific plane such as the US fighter F-35A has already been delivered to NATO member countries. Also to Finland, which has not yet become a member of NATO in all respects but is waiting for ratification. Finland asked 65 F-35 capable of using nuclear weapons. And recently voices have come from Helsinki who would like to have US nuclear weapons on Finnish soil, as Germany has them, as Belgium has them, as Holland and Italy and Turkey have them. So Europe is becoming a nuclear powder keg”.

Vladimir Kozin defines the current situation "much worse than it was during the Cold War, much more lethal and more dangerous". He therefore feels that "if our territory is attacked with nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical or biological weapons, bacteriological and toxic, as well as nuclear, we will reply". When asked if Russia will hit the US nuclear bases in Europe, he replies: “Yes, this is certain. If we are attacked". Kozin defines all this "madness". He warns that, if a nuclear war comes, "there will be no winners or won, everyone will lose".


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