Report # 146. Breaking news: The majority voted to live in Russia

September 27, 2022

1. The majority of voters in four regions expressed their wish to live in Russia

Four separate referenda held in two independent republics in Donbass and in two regions in southern Ukraine, namely Kherson and Zaporozhye Oblast or Regions between September 23-27 ended at 16:00 hours local time on September 27th, 2022.

According to preliminary results (with 15% of ballot papers counted by 17:00 Moscow time) overwhelming majority of voters have OKeyed admission of all these regions to the Russian Federation as equal subjects.

ДНР, ЛНР, Херсонская и Запорожская области опубликовали первые результаты референдумовAll referenda have been recognized as valid. They have witnessed very high level of participation of voters despite permanent heavy shelling of the residential areas in all four regions by heavy weapons, including the U.S.-made MLRS HIMARS, by Armed Forces of Ukraine in violation of the UN Charter, the OSCE decisions and the EU basic principles.

The preliminary results will be announced on September 28th, and final results – some days later.

Such fantastic returns ran counter to Mrs Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Minister’s allegations, who in a Marcus Lanza’s TV program have disseminated false information about the referenda by claiming that the voters are shot, they are raped, and then they have to put crosses for three days while soldiers with Kalashnikovs [assault rifles] in their hands stand next to them.

Where she has got this false information? Nowhere. Such cases have not been recorded during the referenda. More than 200 foreign observers who have arrived to these regions have not confirmed such false allegations. And no local citizen has lodged any respective complaint, by the way.

The German Ambassador in Moscow should be summoned to the Russian MFA to give explanations why Baerbock has used such unverified propaganda with a very bad smell. She has undermined her political carrier by many coarse and unverified false statements earlier.

This is one more and the latest vivid example of her wrong behavior. Shame that she still represents Germany as the head of the German diplomatic service.

2. Why the majority of citizens in four named regions have voted for joining Russia?

No long arguments and explanations – there are plenty of them to catalogue them here. No time. Later. Just official figures:


Since 2014 till February 24, 2022:

killed – 1771 (here and in all other cases atrocities have been done by Armed Forces of Ukraine);

wounded - 3350;

children killed – 38;

children wounded – 91;

social infrastructure buildings destroyed – more than 7200;

social infrastructure buildings damaged – more than 26000


Since February 24 till September 23, 2022:

killed – 91;

wounded – 292;

children killed – 7;

children wounded – 26;

social infrastructure buildings destroyed – 252;

social infrastructure buildings damaged  – 2846



Since 2014 till February 24, 2022:

killed – 9178;

wounded  – более 24629;

children killed– 120;

children wounded– 548;

(NOTE: all data below for social infrastructure buildings is collected since 2017)

social infrastructure buildings destroyed – 2895;

social infrastructure buildings damaged  – 9987


Since February 24 till September 23, 2022:

killed – 908;

wounded – 3475;

children killed– 26;

social infrastructure buildings destroyed – 1790;

social infrastructure buildings damaged – 7470


Where will you prefer to live after having experienced all this:

 in Ukraine or in Russia?

3. Kiev regime continues shelling ZNPP

On September 26, Ukrainian artillery shelled residential areas of Energodar and the territory adjacent to the nuclear power plant. During the day, Ukrainian artillery fired 59 shells. Four of them exploded near Kazachaya Street in Energodar, and one hit a water utility near Zaporozhye nuclear power plant or ZNPP. The shelling was carried out from cities of Marganets and Nikopol (Dnepropetrovsk Region), controlled by the AFU. Enemy firepower has been neutralized by Russian artillery's counter-attack.

In addition, the attempts of the AFU to strike the territory of the ZNPP by eight loitering unmanned aerial vehicles also launched by AFU have been prevented. All Ukrainian UAVs were shot down outside the territory of the nuclear plant.

As in the past, the UNO. OSCE and IAEA have not criticized president Zelensky’s regime for such barbaric actions against operating NPP. Waiting for a disaster?

Written by Vladimir P. Kozin




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