Ukraine at war vs Donbas. NATO/Kiev’s goals

At the end of January 2022 the situation around Donbas is very tense and dangerous:

1) there are now 150 thousand Ukrainian troops near Donbas (some days ago it was 120 thousand); Donbass has only 35,000 troops that cannot attack Ukraine (statement by Russian Permanent Representative at the OSCE Lukashevich January 27,2022: link;

2) the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) has finalized the master plan to attack Donbas;

3) the USA has delivered 250 tons of military equipment and ammunition (MEA) to the UAF by using 15 heavy cargo aircraft;

4) 45 more U.S. heavy cargo aircraft are to arrive to Ukraine with MEA;

5) civil hospitals in Ukraine have been converted into military ones;

6) any regular annual vacations for the Ukrainian GIs have been cancelled for indefinite period of time;

7) M141 Bunker Defeat Munitions have arrived to the UAF attacking forces (Donbas does not have them; such munitions are to be used in offense, rather than in defense);

8) several public protests against war versus Donbas have been staged near the Ukrainian Parliament;

9) Kiev continues to violate a ceasefire accord in Donbas: according to the report of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine dated January 28th, 2022 has stated:

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) Daily Report 20/2022 issued on 28 January 2022

Summary In Donetsk region, the SMM recorded 173 ceasefire violations, including six explosions. In the previous reporting period, it recorded 510 ceasefire violations in the region. In Luhansk region, the Mission recorded 93 ceasefire violations, including 13 explosions. Link.

The USA alone has delivered heavy weapons to Ukraine totally $ 2,7 billion since 2014, plus recently $ 650 million for major arms supplies in 2021, and plus $ 200 million for current deliveries of the Javelin anti-tank system (FGM-148).

All NATO countries are morally and militarily pushing Ukrainian Army to conquer Donbas, and to get back this territory where all population does not want to live under current ultranationalist Ukrainian regime. They are inciting Kiev to attack Donbas. Their reference to “Russia is going to attack Ukraine” is fabricated fiction to divert the world community attention to imminent attack of Donbas by Kiev.

So, the USA and NATO are direct accomplices of Kiev’s looming aggression versus Donbas. Their goals in inciting war against Donbas are:

1) to make Ukraine anti-Russian state and pro-American for good;

2) to convert Ukraine into a military bridgehead vs Russia and Belarus;

3) to deploy permanently in Ukraine offensive systems, missile defense interceptors, and the U.S. nuclear-capable strategic bombers;

4) to help Kiev to return Donbas and later Crimea; and 5) to create in this region a frozen conflict to be used as pretext to intimidate and demonize Russia and Belarus.

Kiev also refused to implement the Minsk accord completely – all its 13 paragraphs.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is preparing to wage war versus Donbas and is seeking for fulfilling 5 major aims:

1) to win once again at the Presidential elections;

2) to disrupt current talks between Russia and the USA/NATO on strategic stability;

3) to drag NATO into a conflict with Russia;

4) to get Donbas back to Ukraine;

5) to admit Ukraine into NATO ranks at the upcoming NATO Summit in Madrid in June 2022.

Both Ukraine and the USA/NATO are engaged in a state-sponsored terrorism versus Donbas.

Written by V. Kozin

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