The US plan for an Afghanistan within Europe

Sweden has deployed soldiers in combat gear and armored combat vehicles on Gotland,  the Baltic Island 90 km far from its Eastern coast. The Ministry of Defense claimed he did it to defend the island from threatening Russian landing ships crossing the Baltic Sea. Thus, Sweden also contributes as a partner to the frantic US-NATO campaign, which inverting reality presents Russia as an aggressive power preparing to invade Europe.

One hundred- and thirty kilometers East of Gotland, Latvia is in a state of alert along with Lithuania and Estonia against the invented enemy that is about to invade it. As a "defense against the Russian threat", NATO deployed in the three Baltic Republics and in Poland four multinational battalions. Italy is participating in the one in Latvia with hundreds of soldiers and armored vehicles. Italy is also the only country that has participated in all NATO "air policing" missions from  Lithuania and Estonia bases, and the first nation that has used F-35 fighters to intercept Russian aircraft in flight in the international air corridor over the Baltic Sea. The F-35s and other fighters, deployed in this region close to Russian territory, are conventional and nuclear dual-capacity aircraft.

However, the three Baltic Republics do not feel sufficiently "protected by the enhanced NATO presence". The Latvian Minister of Defense, Artis Pabriks, has requested a permanent US military presence in his country: the US forces - experts on a Hollywood movie scenario basis explained  - would not have time to arrive from Germany to stop  Russian armored forces, which after having overwhelmed the three Baltic Republics, would cut them out of the European Union and NATO occupying the Suwalki corridor between Poland and Lithuania.

Ukraine, which is a partner but in fact already a NATO member, has the role of the first actor as a country under attack. The government denounced on the basis of its word of honor, that it has been hit by a cyberattack obviously attributed to Russia, and NATO rushed together with the EU to help Ukraine fight the cyberwar. Washington denounced that Ukraine is now surrounded on three sides by Russian forces, and anticipating the blockade of Russian gas supplies to Europe is generously prepared to replace them with massive supplies of US liquefied natural gas. The Russian attack - the White House on the basis of news whose veracity is guaranteed by the CIA informed - would be prepared by a false flag operation: Russian agents would infiltrate in Eastern Ukraine and carry out bloody attacks against the Donbas Russian inhabitants attributing the responsibility to Kyiv as a pretext for the invasion. The White House does not remember that in December the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, denounced the presence of US mercenaries with chemical weapons in Eastern Ukraine.

The United States - the New York Times reported - told its Allies that "any rapid Russian victory in Ukraine would be followed by a bloody insurrection similar to the one that forced the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan" and that "the CIA (secretly) and the Pentagon (openly) would support it. "

The United States - James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe recalled - knows how to do it: in the late seventies and in the eighties, they armed and trained the mujahideen against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, but "the level of military support to a Ukrainian insurgence would make our efforts in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union look puny by comparison”.

Washington's strategic design is evident: to precipitate the Ukrainian crisis it deliberately provoked in 2014, to force Russia to militarily intervene in defense of Donbas Russians ending up in a situation similar to the Afghan one in which the USSR got bogged down.  An Afghanistan inside Europe would cause a permanent state of crisis to the benefit of the US which would strengthen its influence and presence in the region.

 Written by Manlio Dinucci

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