Manlio Dinucci
Europe is sinking deeper and deeper into war, fuelled by a series of acts aimed at making impossible negotiations. From the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg that killed the journalist and blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and injured dozens of people, to the arrest in Kyiv of the Orthodox Metropolitan Pavlo, who was given an electronic anklet as if he were a common criminal. Kyiv, simultaneously, announced its intention to take over Crimea - which re-joined the Russian Federation with the 2014 referendum, and whose population is mostly Russian - to "detoxify" the Crimean population from "Russian propaganda" and judge those journalists who spoke out in favour of  “Russian occupation” as criminals.
NATO escalation moves to a further stage with the entry of Finland as the 31st member, followed shortly by Sweden. In just over thirty years, NATO has doubled its members, expanding from 16 to 32 countries ever farther east close to Russia. Tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Finland can reach strategic targets inside Russian territory in minutes. Russia, consequently,  is strengthening its military deployment in the north-western part of its territory, including nuclear weapons.
In this situation, the Fuori l'Italia dalla Guerra Campaign (Italy Out of War Campaign) launches an urgent appeal for the mobilization of Italian citizens on the following points:
1. Stop arms shipment to Ukraine / Let's vote referendums.
2. Immediate exit of Italy from NATO/EU military support programmes for Ukraine.
3. Deny the use of military bases on Italian territory for the war in Ukraine.
4. Immediate withdrawal of the Italian armed forces from any military operation against Russia.
5. Immediate end of economic sanctions on Russia and restoration of normal trade channels.
6. Immediate end of all forms of boycotts of Russian artists, and restoration of artistic and cultural relations between Italy and Russia.
7. Maximum diplomatic commitment of Italy at all levels, as a peace broker, to end the war on a negotiating basis.
8. Request the United States to withdraw their nuclear weapons from Italian territory on the basis of the Non-Proliferation Treaty ratified by both States in the 1970s. The Treaty obliges the USA, a nuclear-armed State, not to "transfer nuclear weapons or control over such weapons, directly or indirectly, to anyone" (Article 1). It obliges Italy, a militarily non-nuclear State, not to "receive nuclear weapons from anyone, nor control over such weapons, directly or indirectly" (Art. 2)
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