Вот что я должен сказать Дэвиду Филлипсу

Член-корреспондент РАВН В.П. Козин ответил на провокационную статью директора программы миростроительства и прав человека Колумбийского университета (США) Дэвида Филлипса, в которой он предлагает Вашингтону начать прямую конфронтацию с КНР и Россией. Ранее он работал старшим советником при администрациях Клинтона, Буша и Обамы. Статья была опубликована в «Балкан инсайт» 8 июля с.г.: David L. Phillips. A Global US Can’t Avoid Confronting China and Russia.


This is what I have to say to David Phillips

The article written by David Phillips is really war-oriented.

It is extremely biased.

It contains distortions and intentional lies. E.g. that Russia has military base at Nis, in Serbia. It is just one example.

It represents open interference into internal affairs of some sovereign and independent states.

In terms of Russia, it exists in the form of justification of the U.K. combat vessel illegal presence in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near Crimea. With extra encouragement to continue such practice in violation of the sea law.

In terms of Serbia, it exists in the form of diktat addressed to Belgrade not to establish military installations on its own territory. Can Phillips imagine that any foreign state will criticize Washington for expanding its Naval base in San Diego?

As to the notion expressed by this author that “The US is on collision course with China and Russia ….”. It is correct observation. But it could be more correct if it is added: “The US is intentionally on collision course with China and Russia, thus playing with fire that will deliver to Washington no positive results. And such policy will bring the world at large to the most dangerous confrontation with them both – much more deadly than during the Cold War of the past century.

David Phillips claims that Russia is a world power in decline, while China is on the rise. I have to dissatisfy him: both Russia and China are on the rise, and their rise will multiply because they have begun acting together in a comprehensive way. Can the USA stop their union? Now never.

David Phillips has stockpiled his essay with numerous accusations of China and Russia of conducting military activity. It looks like the USA does not engage in such activity at all? Much more. And multi-dimensionally on the global scale. 

How to make the world not to be overtaken by David Phillips’ ‘one point of view’?

The possible answer: to give him professional answer to all his ‘revelations’ contained in every paragraph of his essay.

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