Report # 7. NATO and the USA have put nuclear arms on full alert near Russia and Ukraine

1. The troops of DPR and LPR, with the fire support from the Russian Armed Forces, expanded the areas of the breakthrough in the enemy's defense during the day and continued to develop the success of the offensive.
The troops of the Luhansk People's Republic advanced to a depth of 30 kilometers. Military units of the Donetsk People's Republic travelled another 6 kilometers.
Nationalist battalions, retreating, blow up electric power stations and bridges across rivers behind them.
The units of the Russian Armed Forces have established full control over the city of Melitopol.
Russian servicemen are taking all measures to ensure the safety of civilians and exclude provocations by Ukrainian special services and nationalists.
During the night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation struck with high-precision long-range weapons using air- and sea-based cruise missiles at the targets of the Ukrainian military infrastructure. The fire is conducted only on the objects of the military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, excluding damage to residential and social infrastructure.
In total, the Russian Armed Forces hit 821 targets of the military infrastructure of Ukraine.
Among them: 14 military airfields, 19 control and communication centers, 24 S-300 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 48 radar stations.
Downed: 7 combat aircraft, 7 helicopters, 9 unmanned aerial vehicles, 87 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 28 multiple rocket launchers, 118 units of special military vehicles were destroyed.
Russian Navy destroyed 8 military boats of the Ukrainian Navy.

2.  Russia has NOT used and is NOT going to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine and in Donbass.

The Upper House (Senate) of the Russian Parliament gave the President the right to use only non-nuclear weapons (conventional arms) in liberating Donbass and in demilitarizing Ukraine that started February 14-17 the third armed aggression vs Donbass.
At the same time many anti-nuclear and anti-war organizations in NATO states do not realize the obvious facts and do not make critical remarks to:
a) concentration of the U.S. eight heavy strategic bombers B-52H landed in the UK and the Czech Republic;
b) the U.S. strategic nuclear ICBM have 99% alert status; Heavy SOA bombers are on full alert (some of them are in Europe); Strategic nuclear subs (SSBN) that are in the World Oceans on patrol are 100% ready to launch SLBMs;
c) increase of DCA (dual capable aircraft) with tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia in the framework of NATO Air Force Baltic Policing Operation, and in Romania (NATO AF Enhanced Air Policing Operation),
d) the U.S. TNW in the FRG, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy have been elevated up to the highest readiness.
Dead silence over these facts in the West is encouraging NATO nuclear weapon states to rely on NW.
P.S. The Chernobyl NPP area is patrolled together by the Russian and friendly Ukrainian Armed Forces. The level of radiation there is normal.
12.000 assault rifles distributed freely (without IDs) after Zelensky's order amongst Kiev's residents have led to robbery and killings of civilians in the streets. By evening, February 26, so far 66 persons have been killed.
Written by Vladimir P. Kozin 
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