Report # 228. Kiev continues a large-scale war against civilians

April 15, 2023

           1. Updated figures of AFU attacks against civilians

Armed Forces of Ukraine or AFU never stopped to attack civilians on all liberated areas. Here are some updated figures announced by the DPR and the LPR (Donbass, the Russian Federation) recently.

In the DPR between April 8-15,2023 there have been recorded:

  • number of shelling: 204;
  • number of missiles and rockets used: 896;
  • number of civilians killed: 14
  • number of civilians injured: 17.

Since February 17, 2022 till April 14, 2023 AFU made 16,690 shellings, including 16,358 bombardments with the use of heavy weapons, and fired 105,754 artillery rounds and MLRS munitions.


Since April 14, 2014 till April 14, 2023 AFU killed 4483 civilians, including 134 children; 2628 civilians were injured, including 183 children.



So far, AFU have destroyed 10,359 houses; 2,528 civilian buildings, including medical facilities; 514 educational buildings; 1009 social infrastructure assets and 792 energy and water supply systems.


In the LPR between April 3-13, 2023 there have been recorded:

  • number of shelling: 12;
  • number of missiles and rockets used: 22;
  • number of civilians killed: 5;
  • number of civilians injured: 4.

Since February 17, 2022 till April 14, 2023 AFU made 1407 shellings, and fired 11,504 artillery rounds and MLRS munitions.

Since February 14, 2014 till April 14, 2023 AFU killed 1717, and wounded 640 civilians.


Totally, in these two Republics 109 civilians, including 10 children, were injured by Ukrainian-made high explosive anti-personnel mines called in Ukrainian “Pelustka” (PFM-1). Three persons later died. Such mines are prohibited by the Ottawa Convention (1997) that has been signed and ratified by Ukraine later. AFU began initial employment of such mines in March 2022 in Mariupol.


The Kiev regime is increasingly using the methods of terrorist attacks against the civilian population in Zaporozhye Region, the Russian Federation.AFU purposefully kill civilians there. Ukrainian militants do not care where to install explosive devices, they are able to lay them both in a passenger car. American journalist Patrick Lancaster wrote about this in his personal Telegram channel. The reporter stated that in the last two weeks alone, AFU carried out three terrorist attacks on the civilian population in the Zaporozhye Region. As a result of this attack, one journalist was killed and 40 civilians were injured.

Who has protected civilians against such acts of genocide and total destruction: NATO, the EU, the OSCE, the ICC or the UNO?

2. Russian MoD reported on the SMO progress

In Kupyansk direction, aviation and artillery of the Zapad Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on the units of the AFU close to Timkovka (Kharkov Region), and Stelmakhovka (LPR). Up to 40 Ukrainian troops, one armoured personnel carrier, and two motor vehicles have been neutralised.

 In Krasny Liman direction, ground-attack aircraft and artillery of the Tsentr Group of Forces have hit units of the enemy close to Chernopopovka (LPR), Terny and Troskoye (DPR). More than 60 Ukrainian troops, two armoured fighting vehicles, and D-20 and D-30 howitzers have been neutralised in this direction during the day.

 In Donetsk direction, fierce battles are underway close to Artyomovsk. During active operations, the Wagner assault troops successfully advanced, taking possession of two quarters on the northern and southern outskirts of the city. The AFU units remaining in Artyomovsk are retreating and deliberately destroying the city's infrastructure and residential buildings to slow down the advance of Russian troops. Airborne units isolate the enemy on the flanks and support the action of the assault troops to take control over the city.

Operational-Tactical Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillerystrikes of the Yug Group of Forces have hit AFU units in the areas of Krasnoye, Kalynovka, and Bogdanovka (DPR). Russian aircraft made six sorties in the area, and Missile Troops and Artillery completed 57 firing missions in support of the troops. The total losses of the enemy in this direction in the past day have amounted to over 315 Ukrainian troops and mercenaries, two armoured fighting vehicles, three motor vehicles, and D-20 and Msta-B howitzers, as well as one Grad MLRS.

In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, aviation and artillery of the Vostok Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on the AFU units close to Ugledar and Novomikhailovka (DPR). As many as 30 Ukrainian servicemen, one pick-up truck, and Msta-B and D-30 howitzers were neutralised in these areas during the day.

In Kherson direction, Russian troops have neutralised up to 15 Ukrainian troops, two motor vehicles, and three Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers during the day. Operational-Tactical Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Russian groups of forces have neutralised 73 AFU artillery units at their firing positions, enemy's manpower and hardware in 95 areas during the day.

An ammunition depot of the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the AFU have been hit close to Slavyansk (DPR). Russian AAD forces have intercepted five HIMARS MLRS projectiles during the day. Moreover, three Ukrainian UAV have been shot down close to Opytnoye (Donetsk People's Republic), Rubezhnoye, and Chernopopovka (LPR).

Since February 24, 2022, in total, 407 Ukrainian airplanes and 228 helicopters; 3,756 unmanned aerial vehicles; 415 AAD systems; 8,677 tanks and other ACVs; 1,085 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS; 4,593 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 9,513 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the SMO




Written by Vladimir P. Kozin


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