Report # 19. Kiev delibersately used cluster missile vs civilians

March 14th, 2022

1. Kiev used cluster missile vs civilians in Donetsk

On March 13th, 2022 Ukrainian troops deliberately used operational ballistic missile Tochka-U tipped with cluster munitions against civilians in the commercial street in the center of Donetsk. 20 peaceful citizens were killed, and 36 were heavily wounded at the spot. There are no military facilities there (see PPT slides attached separately from the scene).

There are no critical remarks from the NATO capitals to such wild attack that is run counter to the international convention banning genocide, namely Article 1 and 2. Dead silence comes inside and outside NATO and from the UNO.

Ukrainian Armed Forces have never stopped shelling of Donbass either before February 24th, 2022 when the operation aimed at the liberation of Donbass Ukrainian nationalists or after that date. Every day they used heavy artillery and mortars (122 and 120 mm), MRLSs and sometimes ballistic missiles.

There are too many voices in Russia to stop any political talks with Kiev as a useless action.

Russian MoD announced that it will continue to destroy Ukrainian military industrial complex used to produce weapons during three Ukrainian aggressions against Donbass (in 2014, 2015 and 2022).

2. Russian troops destroyed Ukrainian firing range

It is located at the Ukrainian military base Yavorovsky about 30 km from Lvov, Western Ukraine, with 180 (180) foreign mercenaries assembled there killed and more than 30 persons wounded. Ukraine stopped its campaign to hire more “soldiers of fortune” to fight with Ukrainians who hate the idea to live in the country with undemocratic and inhuman regime.

At the same time 16.000 (16.000) volunteers from various countries expressed their desire to help freedom fighters in Donbass and to go there. Moscow OK’ed such intention and permitted them to go to Donbass and in the liberated areas.

3.  Developments at the battlefields

By evening March 13th Russian Armed Forces have destroyed totally 3920 various Ukrainian military facilities.

From February 24th, 2022 till March 13th there have been destroyed 100 aircraft, 145 drones, 1298 tanks and ACV/APCs, 124 MRLS, 469 field artillery guns and mortars, 1047 special military vehicles.

Russian troops have captured the Azov Sea Ukrainian naval base near Berdyansk without any resistance. Three Ukrainian combat vessels have been captured, there crews having disappeared leaving plenty of arms and ammunitions.

Around Mariupol – the major Ukrainian stronghold in the south-eastern area after Volnovakha – any resistance of nazi formations been suppressed. Such victory helped plenty of refugees to move from that hell arranged by ultra-nationalists without any hindrances. If Mariupol falls – the fate of Kiev will be doomed. The Chechen elite forces are very near the Ukrainian capital.

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Written by Vladimir P. Kozin 

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