Report # 141. Ukrainian “counter-offensive” has bogged down

September 12, 2022

 Six months in, the fight in Ukraine is far from finished. But for those in Kiev and its supporters in NATO/EU, even before the success of the last few days, there are signs that Russian military machine could not run out of steam and limit or forget two major goals announced by Moscow in February: to reach denazification and demilitarization of a neo-Nazi regime implanted as a highly virulent mushroom by Washington.

In many cases Russia has clearly stated such strategy, making a strong emphasis on several notions: to liberate not only LPR (it has been liberated already) and DPR (with 80 percent of its land freed from Armed Forces of Ukraine or AFU). Russia will also keep Crimea as a permanent part of the national territory, plus will help the civilians of the Southern and Northern regions of the rest of Ukraine to make a free choice with whom to live – inside Ukraine or inside Russia.

Several villages and some miner settlements in the North and in the South of Ukraine without any strategic significance have been left by Russian troops. Many Ukrainian GIs and foreign mercenaries became KIA.

Highly advertised at the end of the last August Ukrainian ”counteroffensive” to be launched on the Southern battlefields has stopped completely.

 High-precision missile attacks of Russian Aerospace Forces have resulted in the neutralisation of the units from 63rd Mechanised and 46th Airmobile Brigades at Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction near Kostromka and Belogorka (Kherson Region). AFU lost a total of over 300 servicemen dead and up to 1,000 wounded over the past 24 hours at the abovementioned operational direction. A very successful result has been attained: a huge AFU munitions depot that storaged 45 thousand tonnes of munitions has been destroyed near Voznesensk (Nikolayev Region).

Russian Aerospace Forces, missile troops and artillery continue launching high-precision attacks at AFU units and reserve forces in Kharkov Region. AFU operation unleashed by Kiev at the beginning of September up North has bogged down with heavy AFU losses.

Manpower and military equipment of Kraken nationalist group, 113th Territorial Defence Brigade and 93rd Mechanised Brigade have been neutralised near Kupyansk and Izyum.  The strikes have resulted in the elimination of the military personnel and military equipment of the units of the 14th and 92nd Mechanized Brigades of the AFU in that region. AFU has lost up to 250 servicemen and over 20 units of military equipment there; 36 artillery units, 125 manpower and military equipment concentration areas have been destroyed in the DPR.

In total, since September 6 to 12, the failed Kiev “counteroffensive” in the North and in the South of the country has cost it more than 12,000 casualties

On these battlegrounds Russian Armed Forces have used highly effective heavy weapons on a massive scale, including “Solntsepyok”. It is a 220-mm heavy flamethrower system having 24 or 30-barrel multiple rocket launcher fitted with thermobaric warheads (photo is below). It is impossible to escape from its firewall.

Russian military experts do not exclude to employ heavy strategic bombers with non-nuclear guided air-dropped bombs and air-launched missiles against the Ukrainian military reserves concentrated in some areas of Ukraine.

AFU soldiers wounded during an attempted “counterattack” in Kherson Region complained about catastrophic losses, a shortage of shells and a dramatic lagging behind the Russian army in terms of technology.

A pin-point accurate Russian strikes have been delivered against AFU and nationalists massed in the DPR, Cherkassy, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov and other regions in Ukraine.

Russian Armed Forces have air supremacy and enough heavy munitions to penetrate any Ukrainian defense.

Danne Lyone, who came from Sweden to fight on the side of Kiev, complained on social media that after intense fighting in recent days, three men of his platoon’s 22 men – including himself – were left in the ranks only. The rest, he said, were killed or seriously wounded.  As one example, Lyon cited the case of an anti-tank grenade that landed in a bunker. Four foreign fighters were in the stronghold at the time. Two of them, wrote the Swedish mercenary, were killed on the spot, while the other two were seriously wounded and knocked out of action. A mercenary with the call sign “Messi” had his leg blown off.

If Kiev rulers continue the third armed aggression and the policy of genocide against civilians living in Donbass and in other areas in Ukraine, Russian military response will be crystal clear – to find Ukrainian GIs everywhere they use weapons versus armless people wishing not to stay in such cruel and barbaric state called “Ukraine” and against Zaporozhye NPP. Each day AFU is shelling residential and social infrastructure in these areas by heavy weapons – firing nearly 300-400 shells, mines and rockets per day, and around 20-30 rounds at Zaporozhye NPP damaging its fresh and spent nuclear fuel, cooling system and electric grid.

Written by Vladimir P. Kozin





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