1. Russia announces new safe passage routes

The Russian Armed Forces announced six humanitarian corridors with a simultaneous ceasefire from 10:00 AM (07:00 GMT) March 7th, 2022 for the residents in Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkov and Sumy with the aim to evacuate trapped civilians.
The Russian MoD said that Ukrainian nationalists in Mariupol at Pobeda (Victory) Square drove more than 150 civilians ahead of them as “human shields” as German fascists did during the WWII, and opened fire on DPR fighters from behind the civilians' backs. 4 refugees have been killed and 5 wounded by nationalists for protests and disobedience.
Detailed information about the humanitarian corridors was brought to the Ukrainian side in advance, as well as to the UNO, the OSCE and the International Committee of the Red Cross. No assistance has been promised by them by 15:00 Moscow time March 7th.
Kiev once again refused to recognize these save passage routes.

2. Situation at the fronts

Since the beginning of the military's special operation, the Russian Armed Forces as it stands for March 7th, 2022, have destroyed in total, 2,396 military facilities in Ukraine were destroyed during the operation. Among them: 82 command and control and communication centers of the Ukrainian armed forces, 119 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa AAD systems, as well as 76 radar stations.
827 tanks and other APCs, 84 multiple launch rocket systems, 304 field artillery and mortar guns, 603 special military vehicles, as well as 78 unmanned aerial vehicles were also destroyed.

3. Kiev’s radioactive blackmail goes on

Ukraine’s national security service, the SBU, conspired with Azov Battalion fighters to stage a false flag attack in Kharkov. According to the Russian MoD, the ultranationalists militants planned to blow up an experimental nuclear reactor placed at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT) with explosives.
The physical and nuclear safety of the active Zaporozhskaya NPP and shut down Cernobyl NPP are being maintained by Russian troops in cooperation with Ukrainian security and Ukrainian personnel. Radiation level there is normal.
Meanwhile Moscow accepted the suggestion made by the IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi to hold a trilateral meeting involving the IAEA, Ukraine, and Russia on safety of Ukrainian NPPs – either via videoconference or in any third country.
Written by Vladimir P. Kozin 
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