The powder keg of Donbass

The situation in Donbass is increasingly critical: 150 thousand soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and National Guard are deployed in front of Donetsk and Lugansk, inhabited by Russian populations. In the front line there is the neo-Nazi battalion Azov, promoted to regiment of special forces, distinguished for its ferocity in the attacks on the Russian populations of Ukraine, commanded by Andrey Biletsky who educates young people to hatred against the Russians with his book "The Words of the White Führer".

The Ukrainian deployment is not mentioned in the mainstream, which speaks only about the Russian one. At the same time it hides the fact that the Kiev armed forces are financed, equipped and trained, and thus in fact commanded, by US-NATO military advisors and instructors. As the Congressional Research Service itself documents, the U.S. and NATO have provided Ukraine with $10 billion in military aid. There are also those of individual powers: Britain invests £1.7 billion to give the Ukrainian navy 8 fast missile launchers and build naval bases on the Sea of Azov, wedged into Russian territory.

Another $10 billion in investment is planned by Erick Prince, founder of the private U.S. military company Blackwater, to create a private army in Ukraine. The Blackwater, now renamed Academy, has provided mercenaries to the CIA and the Pentagon for covert operations. Particularly alarming is the presence in the Donetsk region of US mercenaries, probably equipped with chemical weapons. This could be the spark that provokes the deflagration of a war in the heart of Europe: a chemical attack against Ukrainian civilians in the Donbass, immediately attributed to the Russians in Donetsk and Lugansk, who would be attacked by the preponderant Ukrainian forces already deployed in the region, to force Russia to intervene militarily in their defense.

Written by Manlio Dinucci

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