To defuze the situation in Europe

To defuze such dramatic and dangerous situation artificially and illogically hammered out near Donbas several immediate steps should be made without delay.

1. Kiev has to stop all its military preparations to regain Donbas by a large-scale aggression.

2. Kiev should recognize the full independence of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics (if Kiev does not pay wages, pensions, does not offer medical services to their citizens, and has conducted two broad military operations to conquer Donbas, used Tochka ballistic missiles, combat aircraft, heavy artillery and heavy mortars and tanks, etc – why to torture their people?).

3. Kiev should announce that it would not appeal for full NATO membership for good, and will permanently enjoy an Austria-type neutral status.

4. The USA and other NATO countries should immediately stop sending huge amount of weapons and ammunition to Kiev regime, and stop canalizing it to unleash the third aggression against Donbas.

5.NATO should stop its Baltic Air Policing operations with dual-capable aircraft.

6. The USA should withdraw all its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe and the Asian part of Turkey, and stop dispatching its SOA heavy strategic bombers to the European air space.

7. The USA should dismantle its combined missile defense (MD) operational base in Romania, and stop construction of the same MD base in Poland.

Some ideas are also reflected in the attached slides. They are in English.

Crux of the matter:

a)  the ballyhoo related to "Russian aggression against Ukraine" (such ballyhoo is circulated by NATO for the last 7 years) has been invented to cover up the real Kiev aggression versus Donbas for the third time, and to drag Ukraine into NATO to make it as a permanent forward-based military bridgehead against Russia;

b) the price to be paid for the result of Ukrainian non-admission into NATO, and the pricetag for the war in Europe in 2022 are completely different.

The latter is much higher.

And irrational.

And very risky.
















Written by Vladimir P. Kozin 

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