О выступлении ведущего эксперта ЦВПИ В. Козина на международном семинаре в Исламабаде

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Vladimir Kozin addressing at a Seminar on “Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Challenges and Opportunities in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: A top Russian political and defence expert has said that Pakistan is being blamed for harboring terrorists by the United States which is contrary to facts.
“19 more new terrorist organisations have emerged in Afghanistan since the US came there to fight Al-Qaeda and Taliban,” said Dr. Vladimir Kozin, the leading expert at Center for Military-Political Studies in Moscow State of Institute of International Relations, Russian Foreign Ministry, at a Seminar on “Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Challenges and Opportunities” organized by the Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS) in Islamabad.
He was of the view that regional stakeholders must be conscious about new US nuclear doctrine and use of high technological nuclear motivated weapons and their could be use in Afghanistan. Responding a question he stated that controlled and limited use of nuclear weapons by United States in Afghanistan could not totally be ruled out.
Vladimir Kozin who had been in Kabul Embassy in 1972 and had been a part of Soviet as well as Russian Diplomatic Corps in the region till 2012, spoke on “Role of Russia in Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Challenges and Opportunities”, and said that Russia and China are being tagged as threat by the United Sates while both are major members of SCO.
The Russian expert said as Pakistan is being made scapegoat for US failure in Afghanistan, Iran is also tagged as a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States.
Vladimir Kozin said that the Unites States has failed to bring peace in Afghanistan rather it has brought more instability and terrorism in the war-stricken Country.
“US wants to create new collision in Afghanistan but for what reason?” he raised a question, and said that chaos is ever-increasing in Afghanistan.
Dr. Vladimir Kozin said that the United States has great ambitions in Afghanistan and Central Asia. “The US is trying to establish its political castle in Central Asia,” he remarked.
The political and defence expert also said that the United States is also jeopardizing peace efforts in Syria.
Vladimir Kozin said that the US nuclear strategy is transforming and the World must carefully watch it. He said that the United States violated nuclear treaty 93 times which was signed between the US and Russia in 90s.
In addition, he said that the terrorism and extremism are major problems being faced by the region. He said that SCO Member States should work at security issue of the region without entering to any security contracts.
Dr. Vladimir Kozin underlined the need for establishing peace keeping units of SCO. He said that Special Military Advisors Group should be established comprising of military experts of SCO Member States.
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