Aid for Genocide

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Fatima Qoba from Yemen: twelve years old, weighing ten kilograms

Did the participants of the Munich "Security Conference" ask for an immediate stop of the murderous proxy war in Yemen to keep Fatima alive? 

Fatima was filmed in a clinic in the Yemeni town of Haijah. The corresponding video was published by "RT Deutsch" on 17.02.2019 under the title: "Only skin and bones: Twelve-year-old, weighing ten kilograms, as a horrific picture of the Yemen war". If you can bear it, take a look at it. Fatima's concerned sister is quoted with the words:

"We live under a tree. I don't know if we can take care of her or if she remains malnourished because of the harsh conditions under which we suffer. We have nothing to feed her." 

Did the 600 participants of the so-called Security Conference in Munich last weekend – some of them "high-ranking", well-secured and entertained – demand an immediate end to the murderous war in Yemen, or did they even talk about this crime against humanity taking place under our eyes? In total, several million (!) children and adults are threatened by hunger and disease in the war between a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Houthis that has been going on for years. I have not heard or read anything so far. What a farce is the motto of this million-dollar event: "Peace through dialogue"?

Dear readers of these lines: I can't think of much more about this topic! On 15.07.2017 I wrote an article in the "Neue Rheinische Zeitung" (No. 637) due to the UNO warning of a "mass death" by hunger in Africa with the title: "We are barbarians!” Already over one and a half years ago the UNO expected the starvation death of seven million children and adults in Yemen. The greatest famine the world has experienced for decades. 

And what has happened since then? What has the world community done to end this mass death? Germany and many other countries have done the opposite: they have assisted in the genocide in Yemen. "Our" government trained Saudi soldiers in the German Armed Forces and delivered warships (frigates) to the Saudis, blocking the sea and airports for vital aid supplies for the starving people.

"If we get used to accepting such things, there is nothing more we will not accept."

With this quote from Jonathan Schell, Bernd Greiner leads his book "Krieg ohne Fronten. The USA in Vietnam".

So what is to be done?

Written by Dr. Rudolf Hänsel; Source: “RUBIKON”


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